So this website will be a landing place for everything I’ve needed to develop for my robot project using a Raspberry Pi. It is still a work in progress and was created after I realized all of the notes I’ve taken in order to get this robot to the state it is today. This robot project was a mental exercise for me. It had been several years since I had done anything with C++ and I needed to shore up that skill set. I thought for a long time on something that would keep me challenged as well as simply keeping me interested to keep coming back to it week after week. A robot seemed to fit the bill. I found a robot kit sold by Trossen Robotics that visually seemed interesting and was powered by a arduino based controller. I purchased the kit and began learning how it was controlled with the stock code they provided. I soon transitioned to a software that was created by Jeroen Janssen, Kurt Eckhardt and Kåre Halvorsen commonly referred as the Phoenix code. This was great and provided another perspective on how the locomotion could be coded. After a while I had ideas that unfortunately wasn’t possible on micro controllers so that is where the Raspberry Pi came into play. It was small, mobile and although just recently released the support base was huge. So I started writing my own code either based on or inspired by what was done in the Phoenix code. Kurt Eckhardt who I’m glad to call a friend joined in and purchased a Raspberry Pi at the same time. He was a great help and wrote the libraries for Xbee and speech that I still use today. Microsoft’s Kinect always interested me due to all its capabilities and when I stumbled upon PrimeSense the company that developed the technology and realized they had a smaller form factor version that could be powered via the usb. I knew that was the next step for the project. So a few more servos for a neck my robot now had a “head” with vision and hearing. Utilizing openNI and openCV I was able to develop a HUD (heads up display) as well as collision detection. I decided to use VNC to remote log in via my iPad or desktop computer to “see” what it sees. Please take a look in the picture and video section. I’ve tried to collect all the images and videos I’ve shot and place them there. The code snippets section will eventually be fleshed out more with bits of code and blog snippets I’ve found that has helped me along the way.

Kevin Ochs